START Planning

Welcome to START Planning 

START Planning is for those who are looking for specific planning or product advice. This tends to be geared toward someone who is just looking for quick advice so that they can make the most informed decision. 

Our START Plan Includes: 

  • A One-time Financial Plan 
  • Insurance Review and Recommendations 
  • Investment Selection and Analysis
  • Benefits Review 
  • General Questions 

Hourly Engagement Cost: $200.00  

  • Can be either in-person/virtual. This is the opportunity for the client to ask any questions that they feel will help clarify confusing concepts. This is a jammed packed power hour. I recommend that clients engaging in this model come prepared with questions so that it can be as productive for you as possible. 

One-Time Financial Plan: $500.00

  • Consulting Agreement and Fees are payable before the Plan Presentation. 
  • Generally, this consists of two meetings (and/or an optional phone call in between). The first meeting will be a chance for us to get to know each other, sign our agreement, and gather the information that we need to prepare our recommendations. After we have time to get all of your information if anything is missing we will reach out with a phone call or email. Then our final meeting will include our planning analysis and recommendations for you. 


**Start Planning does not include our Integrated Financial Planning Client Portal. Please see the SMART Planning page for more information on our Financial Planning Client Portal. The costs of this engagement are subject to client and advisor discretion.