OSUWMC Residency Program

You are eligible to convert your coverage to a permanent policy upon completion of your program.  .

In addition to your group coverage, you are eligible to purchase a supplemental Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance policy from Principal Life Insurance Company.  As part of a Select Professional Program Offering, you're eligible for up to $5,000.00 in monthly benefit - without financial verification.  This program also includes a permanent discounted premium which will save you thousands of dollars over your working career. . .

Highlights of this program are:

  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Quick & Easy Application Process
  • Policy is Portable
  • Your-Occupation Definition Rider to Age 65
  • To Age 65 Benefit Period
  • Multi-Life Discount 20%

Once you complete your training program, you are also eligible to convert your group policy to a permanent policy. 

Highlights of the Standard Issue Program are:

  • $4,000/month Maximum Benefit Guranteed Standard Issue
  • 90 Day Elimination Period
  • Your-Occupation Definition Rider to Age 65
  • Residual Disability & Recover Benefit Rider
  • Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider to $4,000/month maximum
  • To Age 65 Benefit Period
  • 20% multi-life discount

Please contact us to request a quote or obtain more details on how an Individual Disability Income Insurance Policy can be tailored to fit your needs.



This is a general description, it is not the policy, and does not modify or change the provisions of any policy or rider.  Policy definitions and provisions may vary by state; read your policy carefully for the exact definitions and provisions.  The policy contains certain exclusions and limitations.  The policy does not pay benefits for a disability which in whole or part is caused by, contributed to by, or results from an intentional, self-inflicted injury, commission of or an attempt to commit a criminal act, or involvement in an illegal occupation or activity; or suspension, revocation or surrender of your professional or occupation license or certification; or active military service during a military action or conflict; or incarceration in a penal or correctional institution for 30 consecutive days or longer.  Benefits are limited when living outside the United States or Canada.  Limitations for normal pregnancy or childbirth may apply.  The policy also has a Pre-Existing Condition Limitation.  There may be other exclusions or limitations in the policy in addition to those stated in this section.  Contact your financial professional for complete details.